The Vault

The VaultNo, it’s not Al Capone’s vault. This vault belongs to the FBI. And yes, it does contain a lot of information on the famous/infamous gangster. But it also covers a lot of other subjects.

In April, 2010 the FBI overhauled their FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) website and now, a year later has revamped the “Reading Room” and named it “The Vault“.  It has an excellent search feature. And while you can enter “Al Capone”, if your reading this page you’re probably more interested in searches like “UFO” or “MJ-12”.  There’s plenty there to keep you occupied for days.

The Vault has over 2000 documents on hand, most with dozens of pages. And while they cover all time periods of the Bureau, some have only recently been added.  Complete instructions are included, although it’s very straightforward and “user friendly”. I have to congratulate the FBI.  They really got this right.

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