Captain Nolo

X-37BThe latest in space hardware just completed it’s maiden long-range mission.  The X-37B, after 7 months in space, landed safely December 3rd at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. “Big deal”, you say?  Well, yes it was.  The X-37B was launched into space from Cape Canaveral on April 22nd, completed it’s mission and landed like an airplane or Space Shuttle in California.  And it all was done with no one on board.  Or in Air Force talk, Captain Nolo – “No Live Operator”.

Of course the Air Force won’t say what the purpose of the flight was, other than to test the plane/spacecraft.  And as would be expected, no word on what the future use of the X-37B will be.

But it’s an amazing accomplishment. Both the Air Force and Boeing, the manufacturer, should be congratulated. It amazes me. Seven months in space for a craft not much larger the the little Cessna’s I used to fly.

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